Saga Flight Entertainment was formed in 2012 with the aim of fostering creativity across all mediums. While I could use this space to "sell" what has been accomplished thus far, I'd rather fill you in on my perspective behind the company.

I have taken notice that today's entertainers have taken us down a path that is mostly failing.  With traumatic works and propagandized messaging, films, music and television have become a minefield of aggression. Instead of walking away with inspiration, today's material often leaves us feeling numbed or disturbed.


The thing is - we have grown to "enjoy" these experiences and accept it as our entertainment. Worse yet, we are passing the baton to our children, who are emulating what they see and hear, both in their lives and within their own works.


With that, I am at peace knowing I am not destined to stand alongside the Hollywood giants. And given what I have outlined above, that is not a bad thing at all.  To be creative with my friends is enough for me. 

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