Q: What sparked the idea of "No More Tomorrows" and what are your hopes for it once completed?


A: About a year ago I threw away everything I knew (or thought I knew) about writing scripts and started from scratch. Eventually I reached a point where I felt I was ready to write a low budget script with the aims of producing it. The main inspiration is the TV show True Detective, which I kind of fell in love with. Here was a character driven show which proved rich, interesting dialogue delivered by diverse, well developed characters could be more entertaining than explosions or special effects laden action.  


I wanted to do a short that paid homage to that style without copying the show, so I mixed a bunch of ideas together in one location (in the original draft) until I had something that felt right. Then off I went like a lunatic lol.


Once it is completed my hopes are that it entertains and inspires. If anyone is trapped in their mind reliving the past over and over, or is constantly yearning for tomorrow; if they watch this and it makes them pause, even for a second to appreciate what they have today, it will be worth it. That may sound cheesy but that is what I want.  


Q:  Please try to explain how it feels to have written and now to be producing a project like this?  Since this interview is taking place while the film is still being edited, we're catching you at an interesting time to comment on this.


A: It is very surreal. I cannot quite believe it is happening. I keep expecting Neo to tap me on the shoulder and say ‘There is no spoon.’ I am anxious and excited. My fear is that people won’t enjoy it or understand it of course but even if they do, I’m worried that they won’t get the message. A project like this inevitably involves many changes, from first draft to what ends up on screen and I accept that. I just hope the core story; the message isn’t lost in translation or becomes so subtle it is not noticed.


Q: For new filmmakers out there, can you comment on how important it is to have a well-rounded team from the outset?


A: I think the adage “Murphy’s Law” was invented by a filmmaker. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong so you need a great, well rounded experienced team who can prepare and survive the knocks. You need talented people you know are creative, open-minded and have the ability to work collaboratively. Ideally you want to work with people you would have no trouble considering friends. If you don’t have these guys in at the outset, you may film yourself into a corner you can’t get out of.


Q: In a crowded marketplace that grows more populated each day, what will your "pitch" be to audiences to tune into this type of film?


My pitch :-) Are you growing weary of the FX laden end of the world Hollywood blockbusters or their low budget, hilariously bad Syfy counterparts? Do you roll your eyes in despair when every word uttered and every action is designed to spell out the plot to you, as if you are a three year old with ADD? Do you yearn for entertainment that will engage you mentally, physically and even spiritually? Then check out No More Tomorrows, an entertaining ‘What if?’ story people can identify with that is told in a mature, engaging manner.


Q: What types of films inspire you personally and what types of projects do you hope to be involved with going forward.


I seek escapism with the movies and TV shows I watch but I like it to still remind me of life and the human spirit. I like stories like the original Alien right up to Interstellar; tales that take an outlandish situation but place real people at the heart of it and shows us what might happen in a realistic manner. I also think good humour is an essential part of my life, I love making people laugh. I would love to be involved in any project which seeks to entertain in such a way and inspires people in a positive manner.

Q: As we close this brief Q & A, care to offer any bold predictions for "No More Tomorrows?"

A: No Bold predictions. I try to live my live one day at a time these days. Sure I would love for it to be an internet hit, be received well on the festival circuit, get me noticed by the Academy and end up with a multi-picture deal working on Star Wars but that is letting my ego and imagination get the better of me. I’ll be happy if I’m proud of No More Tomorrows and the people who care about me are proud of it as well.


The following is a Q & A with the Writer/Executive Producer of the film.

Mark Renshaw - The Man of Tomorrow

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