Saga Flight Music is led by the versatile and talented composer, Zaalen Tallis.  During our partnership together, we have released a number of robust and thematic original soundtracks based on our very own stories!  Centurions of the Moon, in fact, was picked up for distribution by MovieScore Media.  In addition to these efforts, Zaalen has provided truly excellent scores for the recent slate of award-winning  films that have been produced under the Saga Flight banner.  We've even created a fun YouTube Channel for Comic Book Music, where Zaalen has created knock-out tunes for the comic book stories and characters we grew up with.


Suffice it to say, music is what fuels our soul and is essential to any creative endeavor.  Whether it's a book or film, television show or concept story, there is always a place for an engaging soundscape.   Please browse our portfolio below to be transported to amazing realms.

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